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Bringing Holiday Magic to 34th Street with Ballard Designs

table / chairs / bench / curtains / rug / tassels / pillow / chandelier shades / throw

Welcome inside my dining room, where vintage charm meets modern style, thanks to Ballard Designs. Our refreshed dining room is so warm and inviting, it’s like stepping into a classic, holiday movie.

When we moved into this big, old colonial, we brought a minimal amount of small-scale furniture from our previous home– a sweet, Tudor cottage. Our realtor graciously chipped in $300 to transfer the furniture that remained in our new house. I remember thinking, “This will get us through until we can pick something that’s us.”

During the past six years I’ve tinkered, changed, made things work with the residual furnishings. But, I dreamed of a new dining table with clean lines. The existing had a low apron making it uncomfortable to scooch our tall bods around the table. It was also a hulking, French Country behemoth from the 60s that was too wide, narrowing our main walkway through the house.

(The old table is getting a second life on our back patio, thanks to hardy, marine varnish. Funny thing, I love it out there! The scale and curvy shape is a dreamy complement to the original, rumpled, limestone pavers.)

I had my eye on the perfect table at Ballard Designs– the exact size and style our dining room needed. It was finally the moment.

Paid promotion with Ballard Designs.

I couldn’t wait to mix vintage charm with fresh Ballard Designs pieces to create a warm and inviting space for our upcoming holiday hosting season.

The hearty performance rug is perfect for spills, and the bench is definitely the star of the show, coordinating perfectly with the sage in the cheery floral curtains. I even added a few other Ballard Designs details, like the little patterned shades that instantly updated our original sconces. Of course, no room of mine is complete without a dash of tassels and a squishy pillow! These small touches really make the room feel special and inviting.

I’m so happy with how the dining room turned out. It’s the perfect place to gather with friends and family for the holidays.

With Ballard Designs, it’s easy to create a dining room that is both stylish and functional. Your family and friends will love gathering in your new space throughout the holiday season.

Featuring: Alora Floral Drapery Panel, Accent Tassel, Louis Oval Bench, Isla Block Print Pleated Tall Chandelier ShadeDayna Side Chairs, Saratoga Extension Dining Table, Eland Performance Rug, Nessa Linen Check Pillows, Washed Linen Throw 

Perfect Combo of Beauty & Strength: My Charles P. Rogers Bed Review

I was totally unaware, but Charles P. Rogers beds have been around for 166 years! They are the longest continuously operating bedding manufacturing and retail company in the United States. And they asked ME to product test one of their beds!

When I was in sixth grade I listed my two potential career paths as product tester and artist, and here I am… Although at 12, I believe I was aspiring to be an ice cream taste tester.

The Mr. and I ADORE this bed. It is stunning and the frame and foundation are worlds above our previous. I selected the Boston bed. The original “gaslight” style is one of Charles P. Rogers oldest iron & brass bed designs. The decorative accents are cast by hand directly onto the iron framework. Turned spindles are solid brass castings.

Their beds are heavier and more durable than other beds because they are hand-crafted with traditional techniques. On the left is our old frame that came with our bed from Wayfair. The new frame, on the right, was SO much heavier and thicker. Besides how pretty our new bed is, we have really noticed and appreciated how much sturdier it is now. When our kiddos launch themselves from a running start on the bed, it doesn’t move an inch!

The foundation came folded in half which made transporting to the second floor and going around tricky, old house corners easy.

We had been looking for a new bed for a bit. I had ruled out a footboard because I didn’t want to block our cozy, fireplace view. That was until I saw this peekaboo, brass option that frames rather than blocking the warm glow.

Charles P. Rogers is now known as America’s “secret source” for superior beds and mattresses. I’m excited that they are beginning to work with bloggers and home accounts to bring their heirloom quality beds to new audiences.

The open iron and brass frame keeps my treasured, vintage, chinoiserie screen in full view, too.

Right now, our Boston bed is on sale and is an extra twenty percent off with code “SPRING.”

*Bed gifted by Charles P. Rogers.

Guest blogging for Field Bouquet

Recently Field Bouquet asked me to guest blog over on their website. Since their arrangements last SO LONG, I thought it would be fun to share how I refresh and rearrange bouquets. You can pop over there to see all the ways I get every last day out of their beautiful blooms.

Bonus: if you haven’t already found the perfect gift for mom, there is still time to ship her one of their impressive arrangements. Use code MOM10 for $10 off.


Happy Galentine’s Day from Field Bouquet

There may not be the usual Galentine’s brunches, full of hugs, heart shaped waffles and mimosas this February 13, but we can still celebrate the bonds of female friendship with flowers delivered.

Un Parc à Paris Bouquet, arrangements include vase

In honor of Galentine’s Day, Field Bouquet sent me flowers and let me share an arrangement with my bestie, Jackie. Her friendship has been a treasured essential, during what can only be undersold as a rough year. Having met at a mom’s club when our oldest were babies, we’ve laughed our way through the happy times and the disasters for the last seven years.

Un Parc à Paris Bouquet in Jackie’s dining room.

Our bouquets arrived in cute boxes at my front door. After unboxing, I gave them a fresh cut, and added water and the provided floral food.

Securely packaged and shipped direct

I selected Amour d’Amour bouquet for myself and wowza, it is stunning! As they say, it brings the feeling of wild nature home with a range of picked flowers from the field.

Flowers arrive cut at the perfect variety of lengths for a floral artist, quality look.

Field Bouquet offers a subscription program, if you want to show your love all year round (starting at $39). They are Rainforest Alliance Certified™ which means they protect the environment, pay employees above-average wages, provide access to education and healthcare, and provide good working conditions.

Amour d’Amour bouquet

Each day the blooms have grown more beautiful and the lillies are just opening on day four. Fresh flowers are one of my favorite luxuries and were as much a delight to give as receive. Use promo code RUTHIE10 for arrangements starting at $44. Snag one for yourself and send one to your best gal pal and they’ll ship for free.

*Paid partnership with Field Bouquet

Three tips: kiddo approved counter stools

Hello! I’ve learned a few things about buying kitchen stools with kids. 1. Recommended materials: leather, wood, metal, plastic. What do they have in common? Sturdy and easy to clean.

Gifted: Homemakers Steve Silver Counter Stool (back in stock this fall!)
$77 White IN STOCK

2. I look for stringers on all four sides. Small tots can climb up on their own. If your kids are a little older, a front and back connector will do. (The stringers are the connecting pieces at the bottom of the stool.) This is something I missed when I first bought stools for this house. You’d be surprised how many times you have to take your tot on and off the stool, sans those handy climbing rungs. Not fast enough? They’ll make the flying attempt on their own.

3. Lastly, a wider base than seat. This makes it less likely when your kiddos are climbing up and down that everything will go tipsy.

Here are a few more stool gems from Homemakers. All clocking in under $100.

Such a great RH lookalike at $88! Ashley Odium Counter Stool
Similar vibe to West Elm’s Slope Stool: Ashley Centiar Gray Counter Stool $58
Such a cute metal/wood combo for $56: Ashley Showdell Brown Counter Stool

DeFuzzing the Sofa

*Test all these methods in a spot you can’t see before moving ahead. You can see videos of these methods saved in my highlights, on Instagram, under DeFuzzing.

Good: Any old razer will do the trick. Go with the grain of the fabric and make sure there are no nicks in the razer. This requires a little patience and elbow grease. Rating: one glass of wine relaxing.

Better: Battery operated fabric shaver. This is so easy and almost hypnotic. Zero effort, but takes a long time. You will likely need to change the batteries to finish a decently pilled sofa. Rating: Two glasses of wine, relaxing.

Best: Oh Gleener. Magical Gleener. These take moderate effort, but it goes the quickest of the three. There are several attachments for different fabric types and issues. Safest on upholstery. Great for pet hair. Rating: 1.5 glasses of wine relaxing.

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Prepster Locker Room Fit for an Everett

$7 Jelly Jar Sconces / $1.84 sq ft Wall Tile / $77 Pharmacy Mirror ($66 Similar from Target) / $10 Black Enamel Trim Paint / $239 Rejuvenation Sink / $91 Rejuvenation Dupe Faucet / $1 towel hooks / Peacock Alley Bargain Towels / $19.99 Gingham Shower Curtain

Well Hello, There. Last November Everett’s bathroom sprung a leak. We shut off the water and closed the door. I went about my days as if that basement flood never happened. Totally normal behavior.

Fast forward four months and we finally got things patched up. Since everything had to be torn out before we could put it back together again, we gave Everett’s bathroom a fresh look, too.

I decided on a locker room vibe. Basic. Easy to clean. Perfect for a 4 year old boy and beyond.

This is the first project in our house with zero DIY. It was completed in two weeks by our contractor’s crew. Here are a few ways to save when you aren’t going the DIY route:

-Use basic and commercial/industrial products and install in interesting ways. I snagged inexpensive, outdoor lights and installed two lights above the mirror. Just a little bit quirky and unexpected. And used a laundry faucet that looks oh so much like the $400 one at Rejuvenation. On the next post I’ll show you how we prepped up $.79 VCT Tile. Yup that stuff that clad your middle school floors.

-Do the design work yourself. Pick the finishes. And order the supplies (with guidance from your contractor)

-Don’t change your mind. Changing things mid project is a recipe for extra cha ching on that bill.

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Nine ways to fill your January vases: $20 and under

My dining room buffet with champagne, ostrich feathers

I love fresh flowers. I wish my entire house could be dripping in unique florals, everyday. Alas, I’m not an heiress (I blame you Mom and Dad) and the daily upkeep might interfere with my other pursuits.

Here a few, longer lasting options to sustain you until your next floral fix.

$20 and under vase filler options

Nine ways to fill your vases in January: $20 and under. Amazon shop

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