DeFuzzing the Sofa

*Test all these methods in a spot you can’t see before moving ahead. You can see videos of these methods saved in my highlights, on Instagram, under DeFuzzing.

Good: Any old razer will do the trick. Go with the grain of the fabric and make sure there are no nicks in the razer. This requires a little patience and elbow grease. Rating: one glass of wine relaxing.

Better: Battery operated fabric shaver. This is so easy and almost hypnotic. Zero effort, but takes a long time. You will likely need to change the batteries to finish a decently pilled sofa. Rating: Two glasses of wine, relaxing.

Best: Oh Gleener. Magical Gleener. These take moderate effort, but it goes the quickest of the three. There are several attachments for different fabric types and issues. Safest on upholstery. Great for pet hair. Rating: 1.5 glasses of wine relaxing.

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Clutter-Free Cleaning Closet

Link to product sources on Amazon

I’m very adult. And am prepared to gush over my new trash closet… without shame. This kitchen closet required a full demo to access the plumbing for Everett’s bathroom. It was formerly a disaster. Piles of stuff jammed on the only shelf, mismatched trash cans… and still painted yellow with random drywall patches.

And look at her now!! All the cleaning supplies stashed in baskets. Mops and broom hung on the door with care. My favorite addition it’s the dual trash and recycling can. I even popped for trash/recycling decals for their tops.

No more shuttering when party guests ask, “where’s the trash.”

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Hit the Showers

Toilet paper holder / Locker / Exposed Plumbing Shower / $1.84 sq ft Wall Tile / $77 Pharmacy Mirror ($66 Similar from Target) / $10 Black Enamel Trim Paint (also the sides of tub) / $239 Rejuvenation Sink / $91 Rejuvenation Dupe Faucet / $1 towel hooks / Peacock Alley Bargain Towels / $19.99 Gingham Shower Curtain / VCT Tile Laid in a Plaid Pattern (We used: Classic White, Grayed Blue, Mid Grayed Blue)

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Prepster Locker Room Fit for an Everett

$7 Jelly Jar Sconces / $1.84 sq ft Wall Tile / $77 Pharmacy Mirror ($66 Similar from Target) / $10 Black Enamel Trim Paint / $239 Rejuvenation Sink / $91 Rejuvenation Dupe Faucet / $1 towel hooks / Peacock Alley Bargain Towels / $19.99 Gingham Shower Curtain

Well Hello, There. Last November Everett’s bathroom sprung a leak. We shut off the water and closed the door. I went about my days as if that basement flood never happened. Totally normal behavior.

Fast forward four months and we finally got things patched up. Since everything had to be torn out before we could put it back together again, we gave Everett’s bathroom a fresh look, too.

I decided on a locker room vibe. Basic. Easy to clean. Perfect for a 4 year old boy and beyond.

This is the first project in our house with zero DIY. It was completed in two weeks by our contractor’s crew. Here are a few ways to save when you aren’t going the DIY route:

-Use basic and commercial/industrial products and install in interesting ways. I snagged inexpensive, outdoor lights and installed two lights above the mirror. Just a little bit quirky and unexpected. And used a laundry faucet that looks oh so much like the $400 one at Rejuvenation. On the next post I’ll show you how we prepped up $.79 VCT Tile. Yup that stuff that clad your middle school floors.

-Do the design work yourself. Pick the finishes. And order the supplies (with guidance from your contractor)

-Don’t change your mind. Changing things mid project is a recipe for extra cha ching on that bill.

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Nine ways to fill your January vases: $20 and under

My dining room buffet with champagne, ostrich feathers

I love fresh flowers. I wish my entire house could be dripping in unique florals, everyday. Alas, I’m not an heiress (I blame you Mom and Dad) and the daily upkeep might interfere with my other pursuits.

Here a few, longer lasting options to sustain you until your next floral fix.

$20 and under vase filler options

Nine ways to fill your vases in January: $20 and under. Amazon shop

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Easy Faux Metal Cord Cover

Customize to any length by trimming plastic, cord covers and applying Rub ‘n Buff (available in multiple finishes)
Supplies: Cordmate (available multiple lengths) & Antique Gold Rub ‘n Buff

Measure and cut Cordmate to size with sharp scissors. Application of Rub ‘n Buff is so easy, you can put your kiddos, on Christmas break, to work. (I prefer the look of a brushed on finish vs using your finger.)

Rub ‘n Buff > spray paint when 1. I want quick dry time. 2. Don’t want to take something down. 3. Want a more realistic, metal finish. (It’s made from actual metal and wax)

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Stair Runner Rundown

Hello! Here’s my brain dump on stair runners. I’m happy to edit and add, so shoot any questions my way.

Current Stair Situation

Click here for details and product links on my entry, stair runner.

Tutorials I like:

I start every project with a Google and Pinterest search. There are so many talented people willing to tell you everything they know– for free. After researching, I take bits and pieces of what I learn and craft my own plan.

Young House Love, Stair Runner Tutorial

I used YHL as my guiding light for my first runner install. Many runners later, I still refer back.

Home Depot’s nuts and bolts tutorial

Ok. So HD says you can bang out this project in 2-4 hours. Don’t believe them. Other than that, this tutorial is a practical reference guide.


Prefer a video with runner eye candy? This one’s for you.

Remember that I am working on my Basement runner? This is still how far I am on the project.

Pit of Despair, stair runner

Your frequently asked questions:

Measuring for a stair runner: Here’s a good guide. I’d suggest buying a few feet extra. More if you are matching patterns.

Staple gun: This is the staple gun I use. If you have the money to spend, an air compressor, fueled gun is a dream.

Stair damage: Does it ruin the stairs? No. Staples only go in the riser portion of the stairs. Not the treads. You can patch the staple holes of the risers and repaint. If you have wood risers, you will need a matching wood filler. The runner will actually protect the treads from foot traffic wear.

This is what my house looks like during projects.

Runner sources I like: Annie Selkie’s, Dash and Albert. and Safavieh rugs via Overstock or Amazon. Locally, I’ve used Flooring America for pro installs for clients. (They carry Stark Carpet. So dreamy.)

What type of carpet works: I love using thin, indoor/outdoor runners. They are easy to install with an inexpensive staple gun, and hold up well to pets and kids. You will need a nicer staple gun for higher pile. I went this route on my basement steps. I like that it hides the staples like magic and it’s so lux on bare feet.

Pattern or plain: It depends… But I have always gone PATTERN. It’s a big impact and fun in a small space. It’s also easier to hide staples and any stains.

I didn’t always take 100s of house pictures. Here’s a plaid runner in our old house with sassy, toddler Emmeline.

Cleaning: Again. Indoor/outdoor makes life easier. It’s a little awkward to vacuum stairs, but I do it every so often. ha

Splicing together rugs: I love carpet tape. The tape acts as a third hand to hold things in place. I fold under the raw edge of the carpet, cover with carpet tape and staple away.

Carpet Tape where the riser and treads meet helps join rugs.

How much wood should show: For me it depends on the staircase. Ugly stairs, wider runner. Pretty? More stair showing. 4″-7″ is a good place to start. You can craft a faux runner with wrapping paper. Adjust the width until it looks proportional.

Stair Rod: Stair rods hide a million sins, if you are joining rugs. Rejuvenation and Zoroufy have some great options.

Turned stair applications: I cut out the odd shape, stair patterns out of wrapping paper. It’s hard to line up large patterns. I’d recommend a small pattern or solid.

Convincing your mate: I think this was a little tongue and cheek. But, I negotiate between client couples often. I find visual examples are a great way to start a discussion. A Pinterest board is an easy way to organize ideas. You’ll likely start to see a theme appear in what you pin. I also suggest starting that chat when your mate is in a jolly mood.

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The Great Makeover: Dining Room Furniture Edition

When we bought our house, we were moving from the cutest, and most beloved, tudor cottage. And we didn’t have furniture to fill our big ol’ colonial.

Our old house

There were a few pieces left in this house– a large, 60’s Frenchie dining table, 10 chairs, and the matching china hutch. Our realtor kicked in $300 for the transfer of these items, as not to leave us languishing with empty rooms, for years.

Former owner’s dining table and chairs

I thought they’d be temporary pieces until flusher times. But, I gave each piece, simple makeovers that had me rethinking. They are Widdicomb made and much higher quality than anything I’d be able to buy from a catalog. And I started to fall in love with French pieces mixed in with other traditional elements, such as Chinoiserie.

First “meal” at our table, during the home inspection

I painted the dining table legs with black chalk paint. Chalk paint allows minimal prep and leaves a velvety finish, once sealed with natural, finishing wax. I used Rub n’ Buff on the feet in antique gold. Just enough of a modern kick to work with my style.

The chairs were upholstered in a bold red and gold stripe. I painted it with charcoal, chalk paint, using a similar technique as used in this Apartment Therapy article. The main difference is I was dealing with very bold, fabric colors. I did 6-8 coats on the upholstery and then used finishing wax to seal. The addition of the finishing wax gives the fabric a soft, almost vintage leather look and feel.

It’s been a year. They’ve held up to daily use by tots and spills wipe off easily. I’d call this DIY a win.

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