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Clutter-Free Cleaning Closet

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I’m very adult. And am prepared to gush over my new trash closet… without shame. This kitchen closet required a full demo to access the plumbing for Everett’s bathroom. It was formerly a disaster. Piles of stuff jammed on the only shelf, mismatched trash cans… and still painted yellow with random drywall patches.

And look at her now!! All the cleaning supplies stashed in baskets. Mops and broom hung on the door with care. My favorite addition it’s the dual trash and recycling can. I even popped for trash/recycling decals for their tops.

No more shuttering when party guests ask, “where’s the trash.”

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Hit the Showers

Toilet paper holder / Locker / Exposed Plumbing Shower / $1.84 sq ft Wall Tile / $77 Pharmacy Mirror ($66 Similar from Target) / $10 Black Enamel Trim Paint (also the sides of tub) / $239 Rejuvenation Sink / $91 Rejuvenation Dupe Faucet / $1 towel hooks / Peacock Alley Bargain Towels / $19.99 Gingham Shower Curtain / VCT Tile Laid in a Plaid Pattern (We used: Classic White, Grayed Blue, Mid Grayed Blue)

*Contains affiliate links: I receive a commision on purchases made after clicking my links. My projects and I thank you!