Hey there! We’ve been working on our basement, laundry room, on and off, for five weeks. I have a few gallons of paint to go on all the pipes and duct work, sconces to be hung, and a bit of this and a bit of that, left. The latest addition is a super inexpensive and easy gridwall display.

$6 gridwall display

I bought $6 hardware mesh, used for fencing at Home Depot. I unrolled it. Then rolled it up in the opposite direction, to straighten it out.

I gave it a quick spray with some black spray paint, I had on hand. I wanted it to give a graphic affect against the white walls.

Command hooks that work on basement walls

I used five command hooks across the center of the wire mesh to mount. Clothespins secure the thrifted, Paris, tourist map and artwork from my grandpa’s sketch book.

You can also check out how I updated the countertop and cabinet for $50. And wow. That’s a before.

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