*Test all these methods in a spot you can’t see before moving ahead. You can see videos of these methods saved in my highlights, on Instagram, under DeFuzzing.

Good: Any old razer will do the trick. Go with the grain of the fabric and make sure there are no nicks in the razer. This requires a little patience and elbow grease. Rating: one glass of wine relaxing.

Better: Battery operated fabric shaver. This is so easy and almost hypnotic. Zero effort, but takes a long time. You will likely need to change the batteries to finish a decently pilled sofa. Rating: Two glasses of wine, relaxing.

Best: Oh Gleener. Magical Gleener. These take moderate effort, but it goes the quickest of the three. There are several attachments for different fabric types and issues. Safest on upholstery. Great for pet hair. Rating: 1.5 glasses of wine relaxing.

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3 Comments on DeFuzzing the Sofa

  1. Thank you! Just I ordered the Gleener for my couch. I love it but it’s been piling as recently – dislike – how do you recommend cleaning light color couch?

    • Hi! Found your messages caught in spam. So glad you like the gleener. I just use water, dish soap, and baking soda.

  2. Just got mine in the mail and WOW! This thing is amazing. I am completely fuzz free Thank you for the tip!!

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