wallpaper (other color ways, contact Talking Walls Creative for paper details) / rug / vanity / knobs/ ceiling light / shower curtain / shower curtain rod / shower curtain hooks / window shade / faux thistles / shower organizers / corner shower organizer /wallpaper primer / clay wallpaper paste

Over the years we’ve loved on this little, yellow bathroom. I scraped the refinishing paint off the original, cast iron tub. Spent weeks revealing the pinwheel tile hidden beneath the peel and stick. And replaced the tired vanity with a double, IKEA sink.

Eventually we started to think about a complete renovation and even got as far as an estimate. After seeing the numbers, we decided to love on it a little more– hanging the most dreamy wallpaper.

Did the wallpaper fix the original plumbing? No. 😅 But it did stop us from pulling the trigger on a full bathroom remodel. And let us put that money towards sexier things, like HVAC and radon remediation.

Here’s a little throw back to when I thought I saw a bit of vintage tile poking out from under the giant, peel and stick tiles. It escalated quickly from there. It took me weeks to get all the adhesive off and my hands were numb for months!

Somewhere along the way the cast iron tub was painted and now peeling. I used a glass scraper to remove it, with a little monkey helper on my back. Man, I forget how tough that first year was with a two and four year old!

The wallpaper completely transformed this bathroom. I started chatting with Talking Walls Creative after crossing paths on Instagram. Jodi offers both in person and digital consultations, working one on one from the selection process all the way through the installation of the paper. I told her, I dreamed of a dramatic flower pattern paired with the sunny tile. And her suggestions did not disappoint!

Jodi sent over the most perfect House of Hackney samples, in all the color ways. We both knew the Skye Blue color way was the one! Here’s a link to the selection process Instagram highlight.

I can’t believe I pulled off papering the ceiling! See the room reveal on Instagram.

I have a few hints, tips, and tricks in my wallpapering process highlight. I like to use a wallpaper primer. It makes install easier and prohibits mold growth. It can be tinted (to a medium color) and I wish I had done it! Tinting helps hide any seam separations. The other major lesson I learned? Use clay adhesive for ceilings. It has way more tact and made install a million times easier.

After the wallpaper was installed, I color matched the background of the wallpaper for the trim. I just couldn’t decide on a trim color before the wallpaper went up.

Tile repair highlight I have gotten a ton of questions on how I repaired the tile after we removed the handicap bars. I used caulk to top up the tile repair and painted on a tile, color matched paint. The fresh organization pieces also help hide the flaws.

We’ll still need to deal with that pesky plumbing. But we are hopeful we can access it from the ceiling below, rather than chomping through the vintage tile.

Sometimes not having an unlimited budget is a blessing. Things move slower and beauty is uncovered in unexpected places.

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