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Bringing Holiday Magic to 34th Street with Ballard Designs

table / chairs / bench / curtains / rug / tassels / pillow / chandelier shades / throw

Welcome inside my dining room, where vintage charm meets modern style, thanks to Ballard Designs. Our refreshed dining room is so warm and inviting, it’s like stepping into a classic, holiday movie.

When we moved into this big, old colonial, we brought a minimal amount of small-scale furniture from our previous home– a sweet, Tudor cottage. Our realtor graciously chipped in $300 to transfer the furniture that remained in our new house. I remember thinking, “This will get us through until we can pick something that’s us.”

During the past six years I’ve tinkered, changed, made things work with the residual furnishings. But, I dreamed of a new dining table with clean lines. The existing had a low apron making it uncomfortable to scooch our tall bods around the table. It was also a hulking, French Country behemoth from the 60s that was too wide, narrowing our main walkway through the house.

(The old table is getting a second life on our back patio, thanks to hardy, marine varnish. Funny thing, I love it out there! The scale and curvy shape is a dreamy complement to the original, rumpled, limestone pavers.)

I had my eye on the perfect table at Ballard Designs– the exact size and style our dining room needed. It was finally the moment.

Paid promotion with Ballard Designs.

I couldn’t wait to mix vintage charm with fresh Ballard Designs pieces to create a warm and inviting space for our upcoming holiday hosting season.

The hearty performance rug is perfect for spills, and the bench is definitely the star of the show, coordinating perfectly with the sage in the cheery floral curtains. I even added a few other Ballard Designs details, like the little patterned shades that instantly updated our original sconces. Of course, no room of mine is complete without a dash of tassels and a squishy pillow! These small touches really make the room feel special and inviting.

I’m so happy with how the dining room turned out. It’s the perfect place to gather with friends and family for the holidays.

With Ballard Designs, it’s easy to create a dining room that is both stylish and functional. Your family and friends will love gathering in your new space throughout the holiday season.

Featuring: Alora Floral Drapery Panel, Accent Tassel, Louis Oval Bench, Isla Block Print Pleated Tall Chandelier ShadeDayna Side Chairs, Saratoga Extension Dining Table, Eland Performance Rug, Nessa Linen Check Pillows, Washed Linen Throw 

How a few rolls of wallpaper saved us 22k

wallpaper (other color ways, contact Talking Walls Creative for paper details) / rug / vanity / knobs/ ceiling light / shower curtain / shower curtain rod / shower curtain hooks / window shade / faux thistles / shower organizers / corner shower organizer /wallpaper primer / clay wallpaper paste

Over the years we’ve loved on this little, yellow bathroom. I scraped the refinishing paint off the original, cast iron tub. Spent weeks revealing the pinwheel tile hidden beneath the peel and stick. And replaced the tired vanity with a double, IKEA sink.

Eventually we started to think about a complete renovation and even got as far as an estimate. After seeing the numbers, we decided to love on it a little more– hanging the most dreamy wallpaper.

Did the wallpaper fix the original plumbing? No. šŸ˜… But it did stop us from pulling the trigger on a full bathroom remodel. And let us put that money towards sexier things, like HVAC and radon remediation.

Here’s a little throw back to when I thought I saw a bit of vintage tile poking out from under the giant, peel and stick tiles. It escalated quickly from there. It took me weeks to get all the adhesive off and my hands were numb for months!

Somewhere along the way the cast iron tub was painted and now peeling. I used a glass scraper to remove it, with a little monkey helper on my back. Man, I forget how tough that first year was with a two and four year old!

The wallpaper completely transformed this bathroom. I started chatting with Talking Walls Creative after crossing paths on Instagram. Jodi offers both in person and digital consultations, working one on one from the selection process all the way through the installation of the paper. I told her, I dreamed of a dramatic flower pattern paired with the sunny tile. And her suggestions did not disappoint!

Jodi sent over the most perfect House of Hackney samples, in all the color ways. We both knew the Skye Blue color way was the one! Here’s a link to the selection process Instagram highlight.

I can’t believe I pulled off papering the ceiling! See the room reveal on Instagram.

I have a few hints, tips, and tricks in my wallpapering process highlight. I like to use a wallpaper primer. It makes install easier and prohibits mold growth. It can be tinted (to a medium color) and I wish I had done it! Tinting helps hide any seam separations. The other major lesson I learned? Use clay adhesive for ceilings. It has way more tact and made install a million times easier.

After the wallpaper was installed, I color matched the background of the wallpaper for the trim. I just couldn’t decide on a trim color before the wallpaper went up.

Tile repair highlight I have gotten a ton of questions on how I repaired the tile after we removed the handicap bars. I used caulk to top up the tile repair and painted on a tile, color matched paint. The fresh organization pieces also help hide the flaws.

We’ll still need to deal with that pesky plumbing. But we are hopeful we can access it from the ceiling below, rather than chomping through the vintage tile.

Sometimes not having an unlimited budget is a blessing. Things move slower and beauty is uncovered in unexpected places.

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A Soft Place to Land: our stair landing refresh

curtain rod (tension room divider) / bench cushion (used two) / sconces / window paint / plaid wallpaper / mirror (similar) / curtains (similar)

Life motto: Donā€™t tell the thrift store what you want, let the thrift store tell you what you need.

I recently found a pair of dreamy lattice mirrors, for $9.99 each. This set off a little refresh of our landing, just at the top of the main stairs.

I’ve long wanted to add drapes, but the space for curtain hardware was limited– the original balloon shade was hung high and wide. I found a tension room divider on Amazon, which perfectly solved the issue. I stole the curtains from our dining room and mixed in a fresh, striped bench cushion . I bought two cushions and used a little sharpie on the piping where they meet. The two cushions now visually reads as one.

It took me a couple tries to find the right color for the mirrors that started it all, but I ended up giving them a glossy coat of Rust-Oleum Hunter Green. This deeper shade feels more at home than the brighter shade I first tried.

I shopped our house for all the other pillows and goodies. I especially love having the rattan, drum table in this space. It’s the perfect place to lose my coffee cup, during the morning, before school frenzy.

Tale of Two Bedskirts: Emmeline’s Preteen Bedroom is Complete

Canopy Top & Bed Skirt / Canopy Curtains / Wallpaper / Paint: Clare, Wing It & Avocado Toast / Bedding: Red Land Cotton / Bean Bag that turns into bed / Rug / Chunky Blanket / Peel & Stick French Door Blind / Window Blind / Raffia Floor Lamp / Brass Sconces / Three Light Sconces

We started working on Emmeline’s bedroom in the spring. I’d wanted to add a fabric canopy top, but never found anything with the right look and price. I even considered sewing.

Sometime this summer, after I stepped away from the project, I thought about using bed skirts to affordably create the look. I found these scalloped numbers at Ballard Designs. They totally compliments the canopy curtains we already hung.

Her room finally feels finished… At least for a couple years until her goth stage. See the room reveal!

The cornflower blue pairs perfectly with all her layers of Redland Cotton Bedding. Can I just say- I’m super jealous of her bedding.

When we bought our home, this room was tired and a little sad. But what little kid wouldn’t love French doors leading to a charming balcony. Pulling up the carpets and adding fresh Roommates wallpaper really helped cheer things up. With the original floors exposed, we added a squishy rug with a great pattern.

I found the most perfect, vintage art at a cute, little online shop- Curated Home Decor. It’s a reproduction with a fantastic guilded frame. I like how it tied together our unique color pallet, and the girl even reminded me of Emmeline!

I painted the ceiling in Clare Wing It and the trim in their Avocado Green. I wanted the ceiling to be a little more interesting, without adding in another color. And Emmeline was set on having poppy, green trim.

My kids love the bean bag, I picked up locally at Homemakers Furniture, that converts to a bed. It’s the perfect addition for sleepovers. And the cutest chunky knit blanket of every preteen’s dreams, handmade by Lynks, is a snuggly addition.

I also added blinds this summer. Em’s room is the hottest/coolest depending on the season. These fabric shades are so affordable and seriously dropped her room temp by ten degrees! The French door blinds don’t even require hardware- they are peel and stick!

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It’s a Colorful Life Fall Tour

See our fall front porch included in Martha Stewart’s 16 Beautiful Fall Porches to Inspire Your Own.

Hello! And welcome if you are coming my way from BD Interior Design on the tour! I’m Ruthie and this is my barely blog. I use it when, on the rare, I want to share a little more info than I can sling on my insta.

I didn’t have fall decorating plans until Jennifer and Jewel asked me to join up on this tour. Flattered by the queens of color’s invitation and worn down by my children who craved some festive decor, I added a bit of autumnal joy inside and out.

Everett and I put together a fall table during a break from his online kindergarten class. We gathered leaves, flowers, and pinecones from the yard. Grabbed some apples from the fridge and the rest from the recesses of our sideboard. It’s all thrifted, overtime, except Grammy’s dishes.

Emmeline, after finishing her virtual school for the day, wasn’t sure about the pink. But, I think it works once mixed with other natural, fall goodies.

The total smoke show was the best part.

I kept things simple in the entry, too. I ordered the wreath and garland, on fall doorbusters sale, for curbside pickup at JoAnn Fabrics. (Unavailable online, but limited stock at some stores.) Added a gaggle of pumpkins from Walmart and some lanterns we had hanging around.

I usually keep seasonal decorating fast and easy… and budget friendly since the shelf life is short.

We are smack in the middle of fall here in Iowa and it’s raining colorful leaves. Basically free, fall decor.

Thanks for checking out my fall festivus. Up next on the tour! Mimosa Lane

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