My dining room buffet with champagne, ostrich feathers

I love fresh flowers. I wish my entire house could be dripping in unique florals, everyday. Alas, I’m not an heiress (I blame you Mom and Dad) and the daily upkeep might interfere with my other pursuits.

Here a few, longer lasting options to sustain you until your next floral fix.

$20 and under vase filler options

Nine ways to fill your vases in January: $20 and under. Amazon shop

**Contains affiliate links. Once you click the link to my Amazon shop, I received a little commision on anything you buy. My house projects thank you!

4 Comments on Nine ways to fill your January vases: $20 and under

  1. Ruthie! Just read the feature Miracle WorkerIn BH&G..Oh my are BRILLIANT! Have you ever considered publishing a book? If so, I’ll be the first in line! Keep your blog and Instagram sites full speed ahead! Anxiously following now! see what you’ll create next! Thanknyou for sharing your really is wonderful..and easy to replicate! Great job!

    • Hi Teresa!! Thanks so much for your your message and my apologies for it getting covered in hundreds of spam messages. So far I’ve used this little sight as a supplement to insta… when I need to link something or give a little more information. I started my IG for my mom and sis to keep up on our house, so I’m still amazed what has resulted and feeling out where it will go. Thanks again for you oh so kind words!!!!

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