I was totally unaware, but Charles P. Rogers beds have been around for 166 years! They are the longest continuously operating bedding manufacturing and retail company in the United States. And they asked ME to product test one of their beds!

When I was in sixth grade I listed my two potential career paths as product tester and artist, and here I am… Although at 12, I believe I was aspiring to be an ice cream taste tester.

The Mr. and I ADORE this bed. It is stunning and the frame and foundation are worlds above our previous. I selected the Boston bed. The original “gaslight” style is one of Charles P. Rogers oldest iron & brass bed designs. The decorative accents are cast by hand directly onto the iron framework. Turned spindles are solid brass castings.

Their beds are heavier and more durable than other beds because they are hand-crafted with traditional techniques. On the left is our old frame that came with our bed from Wayfair. The new frame, on the right, was SO much heavier and thicker. Besides how pretty our new bed is, we have really noticed and appreciated how much sturdier it is now. When our kiddos launch themselves from a running start on the bed, it doesn’t move an inch!

The foundation came folded in half which made transporting to the second floor and going around tricky, old house corners easy.

We had been looking for a new bed for a bit. I had ruled out a footboard because I didn’t want to block our cozy, fireplace view. That was until I saw this peekaboo, brass option that frames rather than blocking the warm glow.

Charles P. Rogers is now known as America’s “secret source” for superior beds and mattresses. I’m excited that they are beginning to work with bloggers and home accounts to bring their heirloom quality beds to new audiences.

The open iron and brass frame keeps my treasured, vintage, chinoiserie screen in full view, too.

Right now, our Boston bed is on sale and is an extra twenty percent off with code “SPRING.”

*Bed gifted by Charles P. Rogers.

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