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I had a dream light in mind for this entry. There were four numbers in the price. (I liked this olive leaf light, too) In the recesses of my brain was a clever light fixture hack, I saw way back in 2014. Pam, at Simple Details Blog, used a Martha Stewart, sunburst mirror and a simple light fixture to make a grand entry light. The basic concept: round mirror frame as a light medallion.

Entry Light: Mirror plus mushroom light mashup

I needed something big… like 30″ plus big, but also flush mount. The existing light brushed our heads as us giants breezed by.

Our entry in 2017

I used a decorative, olive leaf mirror and a big box store, mushroom light mashup for $65. The 9″ LED light I used is no longer available, similar size linked. The mirror was an open box deal on Amazon for around $45. Mirror currently $99.

Light fixture and mirror before attached to ceiling.

This project was the easiest DIY ever and took 15 minutes. Tops. I popped out the center mirror. Installed light. Used the mirror as a ceiling medallion. Screwed on shade.

I didn’t even need to use screws to attach the mirror medallion; it is supported by the shade and light fixture screws. The hardest part was finding a light fixture with the correct dimensions to make it look like one piece.

Entry status when the light was installed. Look at baby Everett!

The possibilities are endless. Look for any round mirror that has a removable center. Find a light with a matching circumference. Ta Da Big ol’ light on the cheap.

Let me know if you have questions.

XOXO Ruthie

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  1. Can you link to your original mushroom light, even if it’s out of stock. The one currently linked does not work

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